An all-inclusive Instagram Account and Hashtag Analytics.

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Download statistics in PDF format

Simple layout that is easy to use. Reports are exported in PDF version.

Appraisal Tool

See why your competitors are doing better than you.

Progression Stats

Track the daily improvement of any account.

Tags & Hashtags

View the most regularly used tags and hashtags of any account.

Prediction of future performance

Relying on systematic and detailed data derived for the account.


You can use all the report with the API functionality.

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Discover most Instagram account

Learn about the Instagram accounts metrics via our tool

See why other Instagram accounts are rated among the higher than yours

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Why use TrackingStory?

TrackingStory is an online tool that is designed for social media influencers. You can review and track several Instagram accounts at the same time. Carrying out auditing, daily tracking, and discovering top hashtags is made easier with this online tracking tool.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why is TrackingStory the perfect choice?

TrackingStory offers the fastest Instagram analytics for every public Instagram Profile or hashtag. You don’t need to login into your Instagram account to start using this tool. You will learn how to improve you social media campaign better with TrackingStory!


Why do I need TrackingStory when Instagram also offers analytics?

The statistics provided by Instagram and TrackingStory are entirely different. Instagram analytics provides you with details of how your own account is doing, whileTrackingStory allows you to have a snick pick of what your competitors are doing. It provides a better analytics that will help you improve your accounts performance!


How important is the reports of an IG account?

You can make future references to it. It allows you to see the growth the account has made overtime. The reports are downloaded in PDF formats.


Is TrackingStory free?

No, but you will get a 3 days free trial. Choose any plan that will improve your accounts performance

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